About our Dental Implants

Blue Sky Bio was founded in U.S.A. fifteen years ago by practitioners, engineers and designers to create top quality, compatible implants at a reasonable cost. Today, our mission remains the same. However, we are not just implant manufacturers; we are innovators. Our implant lines boast a number of new design innovations which simplify implant placement and restoration while adding levels of safety, success, and reliability for you and your patients.


Our compatible products are specifically geared towards experienced implant practitioners and those who are familiar with Straumann®, Nobel Biocare™, Zimmer©Dental or ASTRA TECH Implant System™. With the introduction of each implant system we have introduced additional innovations while maintaining compatibility.  Innovations include:  patented mountless designs, implants resistant to extreme insertion forces of over 100Ncm, extended apical bone threads, conical connection abutments, and platform switching. Further innovations also extend to our prosthetics, laboratory, and instrumentation designs.


Our implants have a fluoride modified surface treatment called, ActivFlour®.  Studies show that fluoride modified surfaces generate a higher bone-to-implant contact and higher torque out force.


Blue Sky Bio products are made in the United States in FDA and ISO registered facilities. The machining tolerances are some of the best in the industry and each individual part is inspected for uncompromised Quality.

Innovation & Value

Blue Sky Bio realized many years ago that the standard antiquated business model that other implant companies follow generally results in high product prices for the customer. Our innovative business model keeps operating costs down. All information about our products are available on our website accessible to you no matter where you are, at any time of the day. We dedicate all of our efforts to the areas that matter most; engineering and fabricating the best possible implants and prosthetic parts. The results are reflected in the clinical ease and safety of your procedures, your bottom line, the success of your implant cases, and your patient’s safety and satisfaction. We at Blue Sky Bio are convinced that you and your patients will benefit from our products.

Blue Sky Bio, LLC is a U.S. manufacturer of highest quality products and is not affiliated with Straumann AG, Nobel Biocare, Keystone Dental, Zimmer Dental, Implant Direct, Astra Tech, Bredent Medical or Zest Anchors.
SynOcta® and Bone Level® are registered trademarks of Straumann AG. Nobel, NobelReplace® and NobelActive® are registered trademarks of Nobel Biocare. Tapered Screw Vent® is a registered trademark of Zimmer Dental. Implant Direct® and Legacy® are registered trademarks of Implant Direct.  Stage-1® is a registered trademark of Keystone Dental. Astra® and OsseoSpeed™ are registered trademarks of Astra Tech Inc.  Locator® is a registered trademark of Zest Anchors.
Blue Sky Bio LLC's products are not manufactured, endorsed, or warranted by Nobel.   BIO | Max implants are not compatible with Nobel Biocare Gold Adapt non-engaging UCLA abutments.  BIO | Quattro abutments find rotational indexing even at a significant angle to the long axis of the implant.  Screw engages the implant before abutment engages the indexing feature of the implant.
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