Hammerless Crestal Sinus Lift Kit

Hammerless Atraumatic Crestal Sinus Lift Kit - The Hammerless Atraumatic Crestal Sinus Kit allows doctors to perform crestal sinus lifts without the use of a hammer and osteotome.  Special safe sided drills are advanced one millimeter at a time through the use of drill stops until the sinus membrane is loosened and ready for lifting.  The atraumatic nature of the procedure is continued as a revolutionary bone condenser using the same safety stop condenses bone under the membrane to complete the sinus lift.  The safety stop prevents the bone condenser from advancing too far into the sinus and perforating the Membrane.

Complete Sinus Lift Kit includes:  Sinus Probe, Bone Carrier, Bone Condenser, 2mm Sinus Drill, Sinus Reamers (2.4mm, 2.8mm, 3.2mm, 3.6mm), Stoppers (2mm – 11mm), Stopper Stands, and instrument box.