Ti-Oss is the new Gold Standard in Xenograft and has been developed by Dr. Kim Sung O based in Korea. Chiyewon pursues high quality products with constant quality enhancement and development of biomaterials. The company is certified to CE1023, ISO13485, KGMP and KFDA as a manufacturer with a quality system, and it is currently under FDA processing.

Chiyewon continues to focus on developing new biomaterial products not only for oral/maxillofacial surgery but neurosurgery and orthopedic/spine surgery. A strong pipeline of products will cover more healthcare areas in the years to come.

Factory in Chiyewon

Certification List


Safety of Raw Material

Cow Individuals are identified by RFID(radio frequency identification)System by wearing electronic earing mark from the birth to the slaughter. After slaughter, bar code system is used throughout distribution network so that any possible disease can be track down to the level of the birth. Australian cows have been BSE free approved materials worldwide by Authority.

Safety and Efficacy of Manufacturing process

Ti-Oss has passed Virus inactivation test, Toxicity test, Biocompatibility test, Animal comparison test, Gamma sterilization test, etc. done by nationally approved lab to evaluate Ti-Oss in depth. Our manufacturing facility has been also approved by CE ISO13485 criteria, in 2012.
Ti-Oss showed high osteoconductive nature when compared to the others at the market due to low temperature processing technique, multiporosity manufacturing technique.

Manufacturing Technique of Multiporosity

The most important factor in the healing process of bone graft is the relocation of blood vessels into the graft to supply O2, nutrients, cells.This is the critical factor during the first two weeks (Reference ; Clinical data ; Bone graft Biology) and multiporosity is the essential environment. Multiporosity is made from cancellous bone, not from cortical bone and Chiyewon, manufacturer of Ti-oss developed unique, simplified technique to make 0.5-1.2mm, 1.2-1.7mm size of cancellous bone through over 2year in depth experiment.

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